Golden Days v6 ch33

Forgive me for months of hiatus. Ivyscan is still alive.

And here’s the proof that we’re still alive: Golden days v6 ch33.
I knew that another group has released it till complete, but since we’ve completed the translation process years ago. I felt that the script will go to waste if I didn’t release the edited chapter. Since I got a little spare time this month, I decided to edit this chapter and release it.

Actually most of our projects are stuck in proofreading and editing process. So if you think you can help, feel free to contact me.

Yokohama Monogatari v3 ch22

It’s the next chapter from Yokohama Monogatari, a Yamato Waki’s work. If you like classic manga, you surely have to check this out.

Actually this January was the 12th Ivyscan birthday. But I couldn’t prepare many releases since I was suddenly got so many deadlines for my real life work.

Anyway, we really need typesetter. We can pretty much handle cleaning the manga, but typesetting requires lots of works and times. So we really need help. Please let me know if you think you have a little bit Photoshop skill to do typesetting.

Neko Mix Genkitan Toraji v2 ch7

I’m happy to announce a new project, Neko Mix Genkitan Toraji. This manga was previously scanlated by Storm in Heaven, but they were disbanded. So we asked them to take over this project. Actually we’ve started with this manga more than a year ago. But we only manage to release it now.

Anyway we really need typesetter for various projects. Please help if you can.

Golden Days v6 ch32

A new chapter from Golden Days, yay!
I know many people have been waiting for this chapter. Sorry for the long wait.

Also surely we still need editor, typesetter and translator help. If you think you can help, let me know.

Alpine Rose v3 ch24

After 6 months on hiatus, finally Ivyscan came back alive >_<;
The website has not been fully recovered. I’m reuploading all files, and also have to update each page manually with all the links. So that really requires time and patience.
The good news, I almost completely update the online manga reader here. So you can read all releases there. But the download link will take some times to be fully recovered.

For starter, we release a chapter from Alpine rose. It’s available as download in its specified page, and also available in our online manga reader.


Hi, all!

My previous hosting account was suspended due to false accusation. I tried to contact them, but still no answer. So I decided to change hosting account.
And the result is this empty website.
I will slowly update all pages, but it will take time since I barely have free time these days.