Hi, all!

My previous hosting account was suspended due to false accusation. I tried to contact them, but still no answer. So I decided to change hosting account.
And the result is this empty website.
I will slowly update all pages, but it will take time since I barely have free time these days.

Shiroi Mado no Mukougawa v2 ch6

I thought to delay this release until the site moving was settled. The domain still hasn’t pointed to the new server and I’m not sure how long it will take. So I thought I’d better release it today.

This chapter of Shiroi mado is the end of the main story about Seiko and Yoshito. But there are still 2 chapters left in this volume.

Alpine Rose v2 ch14

A little bit late release this time. I didn’t have time to upload last weekend.

Enjoy Alpine rose v2 ch14. Jeudi finally can meet up with her father. But more events will come next chapter…

Anyway we really need proofreader, please do the test.

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Golden Days v4 ch18

I like this chapter. It’s calm and heartwarming.
My favorite phrase “If I were Aiko, maybe he would protect me like that.” ^_^

Anyway we still need Japanese translator help. I’m thinking to scanlate more Yamaguchi miyuki’s works and other classic or new manga as well.

Tobenai Majo v2 extra story

I thought to release this yesterday, but time didn’t allow me to do it.
Here’s the end of volume 2 from Tobenai majo manga. Only 1 volume left and I’m sure we will complete it soon.

Anyway Japanese translator help will be greatly appreciated ^_^ since I’m thinking to scanlate other Yamaguchi miyuki’s work.