Viehmannin wa Utau v4 ch21

We released this yesterday, but since I was not at home, I didn’t get a chance to update the page.
This is the continuation of Rina’s past story. Though this time it ends in cliffhanger situation ^^;

Upgrade to WordPress 2.7

Finally I managed to upgrade to WordPress 2.7. I hope everything is set correctly. if there’s any incorrect link, do let me know.
Also I’m trying to provide mirror for download link. But it may take a while since my upload speed is not very good.

5th Anniversary

(^_^) /(^_^)/ (^_^) /(^_^)/ (^_^) /(^_^)/ (^_^) /(^_^)/ (^_^) /(^_^)/ (^_^) /(^_^)/

YAY!! We’re celebrating Ivyscan 5th Anniversary.
It’s Wow, I can manage this scanlation group for 5 years. I think 5 years is not a short time. It needs lots of effort and dedication from all of Ivyscan member to make this group still exist till now and I hope we can continue for more years to come.
For all translators, editors, proofreaders, scanner, cross-checker, and various helper, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ありがとうございます
I can’t really express how thankful I am, but really really thank to you guys that we can arrive at this glorious 5 years ^_^

For all the readers/fans, if possible, I’d like to know what you all think about Ivyscan? Is our release too slow? Do we release HQ edited scans? Is our project’s selection good? Is our translation easy to understand? Is our editing good?
Please let us know, whatever you think about Ivyscan…
And if you can help us in anyway you can, please let us know as well ^_^ hehe

As our usual treat to celebrate the anniversary, we have some releases for few days. Enjoy (^_^)v

My sweet dragon v4 ch10
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR KURENAI-CHAN <3 I present today's release for you. You always help me in many ways. I thank you for all you've done for me and Ivyscan. Please enjoy today's release (^_^) DAY 2 Tobenai majo v1 sidestory
I know that we’re kinda slow with this project. But rest assure, we’re actively working on it. We have almost all volumes translated. Now it’s mostly in proofreading and editing stage.

Shinigami no ballad v3 ch11 (END)
Yay, completed another project. Thank you so much to all the staff who involve with Shinigami project, kurenai, siva, Mya and shanz. Thanks m(_ _)m

Alpine Rose v1 ch9
Today we have a classic for you. Yes, it’s the continuation of Alpine rose manga. After the train’s crashing, what Jeudi will do without Lundi around.

Innocent dragon v1 ch2a
It’s been a while since our Innocent dragon release. But don’t worry, we’re actively working on it.
Hehe it’s funny, we have 2 series with Dragon as theirs title, could it be we have a tendency to pick something with Dragon as project? Hmm maybe. But what I’m sure of, I like hystorical, fantasy, adventure, mystery, detectice, drama, romance, so I normally pick manga with that theme as Ivyscan project.

Dragon knight ch1
Hehe another manga with dragon as its title ^_^;
After I become Yamaguchi Miyuki fan, I’ve been eager to make many of her work into scanlation project. And I’m glad that I’m able to work on this one volume manga by her. As normally Yamaguchi-sensei work, this manga is also packed with adventure, fantasy and comedy. So I really suggest you to read it.

Yokohama Monogatari v1 ch10
Here comes another classic. This chapter marks the end of volume 1. So another 3 bunko volumes to go…

Golden Days v2 ch7
I’m sure some people will be delighted with this release. ^_^
Change the theme background to make it brighter. For this site, I still use the old version of WordPress, so I’m thinking to upgrade to WordPress 2.7 next weekend. And during that time, the site may be inaccessible.

Momokan v1 ch1 part 3-4
If you’re bored with many serious manga, take a look on this refreshing puppy-owner-slice-of-life manga.
This Momokan is my side project, so it’ll probably released in irregular pace.

Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki v3 ch8
Finally we’ve arrived at our last day of anniversary releases. And we close it with a chapter from Otogi moyou ayanishiki.

Feel free to write your thought about our releases in the comment ^^

Chinese translator: wanted!

We’re really in dire need of Chinese translators for some of our current projects. So if you have some free time to spend on translating, please do help us.
Requirements: The deadlines is flexible, but I expect one chapter can be finished around 2-3 weeks (can be discussed).
Oh Japanese translators are also welcomed ^_^v

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New Layout ^^

Hyaaa! Finally new layout.
I think it looks neat. And I love the transparent look, just like VISTA. You can change the background. Maybe later I’ll add or replace the current backgrounds.
I love to read your comment about this new layout ^^

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3rd Anniversary!! Banzai /^^ ^^/

Yoohoo!! Today is ivyscan 3rd anniversary.
It’s still unbelievable that I can run this manga scanlation group and last until 3 years. This is thanks to all wonderful staff of ivyscan. I love you all *hugs everyone* and thank you so much <3. Let's celebrate our anniversary, hold your glass of ... (wine, champagne, sake, beer, lemonade, syrup, juice or whatever drink is ^^) and かんぱい!! To make the party more cheerful, here're some releases for everyone. Party Day 1
– Crimson Hero v5 ch20 (IRC only)
– My Sweet Dragon v2 ch4b | http
This will be our last release for Crimson Hero. We officially drop CH project due to various reasons.
And I’d like to wish Happy Birthday to kurenai. Hope all your wishes come true. Otanjoubi Omedetou – お誕生日おめでとう

Party Day 2
– Pansy v9 ch1 | http

Party Day 3
– Pansy v9 ch2 | http

Party Day 4
– My Sweet Dragon v2 ch5 | http

Party Day 5
– Pansy v9 ch3 | http

Party Day 6
– Beauty is the Beast v3 ch3 (IRC only)
– Pansy v9 ch4 | http

Party Day 7
– Shiranami no Illusion story3 – The 7th Year | http
I regret using width 700px for this chapter. It has many texts to be fit in small bubble. I hope it’s good enough for reading.

Party Day 8
– Pansy v9 ch5 | http
Yay! Another volume is completed.

Party Day 9
– Yokohama Monogatari v1 ch4 | http
For all of you, Yamato Waki fans ^__^

Party Day 10
– Pansy v10 ch1 | http

Party Day 11
– Pansy v10 ch2 | http

Party Day 12
– My Sweet Dragon v2 ch6 | http
This chapter marks the end of volume 2, yay!
Anyone who can help us find raw for v4-7 will be really appreciated.

Party Day 13
– Beauty is the Beast v3 ch4 (IRC only)
– Pansy v10 ch3 | http
Though my initial plan to finish Pansy during this anniversary, but we couldn’t get it done. But at least we finished the Africa/Desviace arc so that you wouldn’t be left in cliffhanger chapter. ^^

Party Day 14 – Last Day
– Beauty is the Beast v3 ch5 (IRC only)
– Sakura Hira Hira (oneshot) | http
– Shiranami no Illusion story 4 (END) | http
Yosh, today is the last day for our celebration party ^^. Thank you so much for all your support and please continue to support us for more years to come.
Though my initial goal to finish Pansy but at least we managed to finish another project, Shiranami no Illusion. And I hope you enjoy all of our releases.

All releases are available in irc for the time being. Comment is warmly welcome. Maybe the more comment I read, the higher possibility I’ll put direct link ^__^