Meguru Kakuutei

I put this manga into our future projects for a while. Unfortunately it was licensed before we release it even once. So I decided to drop this project.

But you can download the raw scans in this site.
The scripts we have so far, can be downloaded below:


  1. KrimzonStriker says:

    Licensed by CMX you mean,who went out of business btw. I doubt anyone will press you if you were to pick up the series again. I hope you’ll reconsider at some point, if not I can try to see if any other group might be interested, though it likely won’t be easy…

    • vvhime says:

      Oh really. I didn’t know >_<;
      Hmm, well I may reconsider to continue it.
      But don't put too much hope on us ^_^;
      Status for now is still dropped.

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