Ivyscan 7th Anniversary

slowly but surely

Yes, this is the time again, Ivyscan anniversary. Ivyscan is 7th now.
(^_^) /(^_^)/
Getting older and hopefully getting better. I’m so grateful to all Ivyscan member for the help they gave me till now. m(_ _)m

Anyway I thought to prepare more releases this time, but my real life didn’t allow me to have more free time for scanlating T_T
Still enjoy what we have so far.

added: I read the comment and feel so happy. You guys have been following our releases for years. Thank you. ^_^
So what do you think we should improve?
(If you say, we should release faster, that’s what we can’t do right now, hehe)

1st day
Dragon Knight ch6

2nd day
Alpine Rose v2 ch13

3rd day
Innocent Dragon v2 ch4b

4th day
Golden Days v3 ch17

5th day
Dragon Knight ch7 (END)
Yes, this is the last chapter, and we’ve completed one more project, phew… I present this to one of Ivyscan proofreader, Ryu nanbu, enjoy ^_^
Oh, if you want to download the raw scans, you can get it from here.

6th day
My Sweet Dragon v5 ch13
I’m glad this can be finished on time.
*Link is fixed, should be working now.

7th day (last day)
Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki v5 ch17 (fixed link)
Since we’re 7th now, so I stop the releases at 7th day ^_^

Don’t worry, we will still release every week. Slowly but surely, we’ll finish the project one by one.


  1. teh says:

    wow!! congratulations Ivyscan on your 7th anniversary! I’ve been following for ~ 3 years. but i think you have many fans who have been following from the beginning too like prev commenter. wow!

  2. kuki says:

    Happy anniversary, Ivyscan! 😀 I’ve been with you guys (as a leecher) for many years as well, so I wish you all the best, and another great year.

  3. Nari says:

    Happy 7th Anniversary, Ivyscan! You guys were one of the first groups I followed and I’m glad you’re still going strong! Thanks to everyone on the team for their hard work over the years ;D

  4. demongurl says:

    Happy 7th anniversary!!! wow its already been 7 years! i cant even remember how long i have kept up with the group.. but i think since the very beginning! lol

  5. gdansk19 says:

    Congratulations on 7 years of scanlation!!! 😀 There are several of your projects that I love and two of them were released 😉 Thanks! I love the quality and cleanness of your scanlations so I say keep up the good work. It’s much appreciated.

  6. j.c. says:

    Happy 7th Anniversary!! Thank you so much for your hard work and wonderful HQ releases!! Always looking forward to them! 😀

  7. lfb says:

    Happy Anniversary and thank you very much for continuing to scanlate wonderful series such as Golden Days for the fans. ^.^

    Haha, I can’t think of anything that Ivyscan can improve on then. ^.^;

  8. yonieee says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Thanks for the 7 years!

    By the way, I seem to have a problem downloading the files from fileserver therefore I’d like to ask whether there is any other way to find Your scans.

    • vvhime says:

      @yonieee, open the page dedicated to the manga, you’ll find the mirror link.

      @djchayan, we’re still working on Gosick. volume 2 is in translating now.

  9. Rose says:

    Seven years of great series and quality scans. Every one of your updates is a joy. I wish you a long a productive future and many thanks for these last few years!

  10. cocona says:

    OMG thank thank youuu !! I love Dragon knight so so much ! I would have wanted it lasts longer though T_T soooo short ! but what a nice story !! thank you for finishing to scanlate it guys !!

  11. Shawn says:

    Thanks for another chapter of My Sweet Dragon, i was worried you’ve dropped the project. BTW, i couldn’t open the download, is there somewhere i can redownload the file?

  12. Iphie says:

    Happy 7th Anniversay… ^o^/
    Thank you for wonderful releases….
    But I couldn’t open My sweet Dragon
    I could download it but I couldn’t open the zip archive
    Can you reupload the dl?

  13. demongurl says:

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful releases and for all your hard work!!

    for some reason everytime i dl my sweet dragon, afterwards when i try to open it, i get that it is corrupted..

  14. vvhime says:

    My sweet dragon link is fixed now. It should be working with a new uncorrupted file uploaded. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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