Yokohama Monogatari v3 ch22

It’s the next chapter from Yokohama Monogatari, a Yamato Waki’s work. If you like classic manga, you surely have to check this out.

Actually this January was the 12th Ivyscan birthday. But I couldn’t prepare many releases since I was suddenly got so many deadlines for my real life work.

Anyway, we really need typesetter. We can pretty much handle cleaning the manga, but typesetting requires lots of works and times. So we really need help. Please let me know if you think you have a little bit Photoshop skill to do typesetting.


  1. Ferramenta says:

    Congrats!! Even if it’s a little bit late..

    I am sorry that I can not help you for I have no skill at all. So the only thing I can say, is take the time that you need. Don’t get stressed, there is still the day of tomorrow.

    Loves Ferramenta

  2. haku says:

    Thank you for continuing to translate Yokohama Monogatari. I will support every release even if it is slow!

    Congrats on the group’s 12th birthday!

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