Slope Mansion ni Okaeri story 1

Today we bring you the first story from Takao Shigeru’s one volume manga. The title is the main story title, Slope mansion ni okaeri. I like this first story, uhmm not only the first story, but all stories in this one-volume manga. They’re unique and not simply about normal romance. So make sure to read this release.

Hmm maybe you’ve wondered why I kept on adding new manga for project while many current projects are still unfinished. But we’ve already worked on this manga since a year ago, I think. And the first story was finished edited like 6 months ago >_<; but I only got to finish QC now. phew... But don't worry, we're not neglecting any of our current projects. All are still in working process. That's why if you want to help, learn to edit and be our editor. hehe ^_^v

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