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Hi all!
If you arrived here safely means my new hosting works fine. ^_^

Here I’d like to inform that I bought my own domain, so I moved all contents from previous domain to here. Please change your bookmark to this:

Maybe you noticed our lack of releases. This is due to my busy real life and lack of proofreader. But don’t worry, though we’re slow, we’re still working on all of ongoing projects and upcoming projects we have.
Another news, I decided to drop Ikoku meiro no croisĂȘe from our project list. A friend let me know that another group released a whole one volume of Ikoku. So I don’t really see any point on working with Ikoku anymore. The translator, mysty, finished translating the rest chapters in volume 1 long time ago. To not let it go to wasted, I provide you with the link to download the translated scripts:
chapter 3
chapter 4
chapter 4.1

If you need the raw scans, download here.

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