Gosick v1 ch3

The last part from volume 1. Volume 2 is in translating process. boufuu, ganbare! LOL ^o^

I think now you’ll see that we don’t drop any project. Unless we said so, then all ongoing projects are still on-going to completing the project ^_^
Proofreading help may help us to be faster.


  1. KrimzonStriker says:

    Thanks so much for the release guys, though there appears to be something wrong with the first link for chapter 3, it keeps redirecting back to the page every time. Thanks if you can fix it, though no rush, there mirror seems to be working fine at least

    • vvhime says:

      OK. I know. Because I still haven’t uploaded to box.net that’s why the main link is still not working. The mirror should work fine, and the link on the side of this page also works fine.

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