Hana Saita (花咲いた) – Blossomed Flower
by Fujikura Mao (ふじくら真緒)
Serialized in : Margaret (magazine) 2001.
Published by : Shueisha.
Sari, who likes nail-painting, haven’t thought much about her future. One day she meet her classmate in the library. He praises her nail and that gives her idea about her future. They start to get closer but then something happened.
Hana_Saita_[ivyscan].zip – 11.0 MB

Kao no Nai Otoko (顔のない男) – The Man with No Face
by Yokobaba Ryo (横馬場リョウ)
Serialized in : Melody (magazine) 06/2006.
Published by : Hakusensha.
Separated by war, a pair of lovers seek to be united once more…
Kao_no_Nai_Otoko_[ivyscan].zip – 8.6 MB

Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai (きみにしか聞こえない) – Calling You
by Tsuzuki Setsuri (都筑せつり), Otsuichi (乙一)
Serialized in : Asuka.
Published by : Kadokawa Shoten.
In these haunting tales, a girl creates a cell phone in her imagination, from which she can communicate with others…
Kimi_ni_Shika_Kikoenai_(shoujo_vers)_[ivyscan].zip – 11.1 MB

by Ashihara Hinako (芦原妃名子)
Serialized in : Betsucomi.
Published by : Shogakukan.
A pipe organ is discovered in the debris after the Hanshin-Awaji earthquake. What does that have to do with the dreams of two young people in the Taisho era?
Organ_[ivyscan].zip – 8.3 MB

Ouji to Ken (皇子と剣) – Prince and Sword
by Yokobaba Ryo (横馬場リョウ)
Serialized in : Melody (magazine) 03/2006.
Published by : Hakusensha.
The coldly gleaming crimson sword will protect the life of a prince on the run…
Ouji_to_Ken_[ivyscan].zip – 8.7 MB

The Dolls Girl
by Takeda Hinata (武田日向)
Serialized in : Dragon Age Pure.
Published by : Kadokawa Shoten.
Two girls and an eternal friendship…
The_Dolls_Girl_[ivyscan].zip – 10.0 MB

Yuki doke no Netsu
by Izumi Asuka (和泉明日香)
Serialized in : LaLaDX.
Published by : Hakusensha.
I won’t fall in love― because I’m a snow maiden. That’s what Mifuyu said to Satomi. What will Satomi do to melt Mifuyu heart?
Yuki-doke_no_Netsu_[ivyscan].zip – 6.5 MB


  1. LyChee says:

    hi… I can’t find the link to download the “organ” by Ashihara Hinako. Could you please put it here? I really want to read it. Thanks ^^

  2. Tesla Zhang says:

    Hello, I’m Tesla from Vietnam. Thanks for your hard work, I very like it. Can I have your permission to translate this manga Yuki doke no Netsu
    by Izumi Asuka (和泉明日香) to Vietnamese? I promise I will credit full. I hope you will agree. Thank you.

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