Project – Ikoku Meiro no Coisée


Ikoku Meiro no Coisée (異国迷路のクロワーゼ) – La Coisée dans un labyrinthe étrange


The latter half of the 19th century: the era of Japonism-a craze for Japanese culture-in Europe.
Yune, a Japanese girl who came all the way to France by herself, finds employment in Enseignes du Roy, a handicrafts store in Paris downtown.
Through her daily exchanges with the shopkeeper, Claude, she gradualy overcomes her cultural shock and adjusts to life in the city.

Mangaka : Takeda Hinata (武田日向).

Serialized in : Dragon Age Pure (magazine).
Published by : Fujimi Shobo.

Total volume : 1 (on-going).


  1. nike, just do it! says:

    Thanks a lot for scanlating this! The manga has a very interesting storyline and a very beautiful art. I especially love how the mangaka draws the background. They are so awesome. 😀 Hope to see more of this manga soon!

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