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Momoko Manual (桃子マニュアル)


Momoko the four eyes is in fact a witch. During the day, Momoko seals her true power with the help of a pair of glasses given to her by her mother. If her true identity is discovered by someone other than her fated “soulmate”, Momoko will turn into a cat! Who is the “soulmate” that is fated for Momoko?

Mangaka : Tachibana Yutaka (橘裕).

Serialized in : Lala (magazine).
Published by : Hana to Yume Comics, Hakusensha.

Total volume : 1.


  1. Rizzz says:

    I’m in love with this series, thanks a lot for all the staff who has work on it, I really appreciate their time and effort for this series 😀

  2. :.♥l0v3~5uck♥.: says:

    i’m in luv with this manga series. thanx for upload it. can u continue 2 upload it?
    thanx again ^^

    • vvhime says:

      Yes, all links are shortened with linkbee/ After you click the link, you’ll see new page of, see the above frame, find the “Skip Advertisement” text button, click on that, then you will be directed to the exact download link.

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