Project – Shiroi Mado no Mukougawa


Shiroi Mado no Mukougawa (白い窓の向こう側) – Beyond the White Window


I’m Seiko. I’m childhood friends with Yoshi-kun, and we always hang out together. But these strange new feelings I have for him leave me stumped…
I’m Yoshito. Is Sei-chan just my childhood friend, or…?
This is the first volume of Shiroi Mado no Mukougawa, a story of a budding romance between Seiko and Yoshito, of their fluttering hearts, and of their hearts brought together.

Mangaka : Hikawa Kyouko (ひかわきょうこ).

Serialized in : Lala (magazine).
Published by : Hana to Yume Comics, Hakusensha.

Total volume : 2.


  1. vvhime says:

    Oh, the is out of bandwidth. Let’s just wait another month. If possible I’ll try to move to other place hosting.

  2. Mimi says:

    aaaaaahhh!!! its soo cute!! thanks so much for the already-released chapters! hopefully more will come out very very soon!

  3. Chiaki says:

    Thank you! (^_^) For some reason though, I can’t download chapter one completely. It only DLs about 100~KB. It’s strange because chapter two worked just fine for me. (T_T);; It might just be my problem though…

  4. Iruchan says:

    I really love this serie ^ ^ but somehow the releases are slow T . T
    Anyway, thank you for your hard work :X and have a nice day !

    • vvhime says:

      I tried both links and they work fine. Just click the right-most-button skip advertisement and it will bring you to the download link.

  5. kyrara says:

    thank you for releasing this series.
    I love it. thank you for the hard work. it is so nice of you to spare time to make it released. arigatou gozaimasu ^__^

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