Project – Yasuko to Kenji


Yasuko to Kenji (ヤスコとケンジ) – Yasuko and Kenji


Since the death of her parents, Oki Yasuko, a second-year high school student, has been living with her mangaka big brother Kenji, who used to be the boss of a biker gang. Bickering nonstop, their relationship is hardly harmonious.
One day in the cram school Kenji forces her to attend, Yasuko falls in love with Tsubaki Jun. But chaos ensues because of the history that Kenji and Jun’s sister Erica share!

Mangaka : Aruko (アルコ).

Serialized in : Betsuma (magazine).
Published by : Margaret Comics, Shueisha.

Total volume : 5.


  1. thea says:

    I watched the live action of this and totally loved the story! Hopefully you will be able to continue this project! 😀

  2. okami hime says:

    I loved the live action drama, so seeing the original story being scanlated is a treat! Thank you so much!

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