Project – Elevator o Orite Massugu


Elevator o Orite Massugu (エレベーターを降りてまっすぐ)


Story 1
Having grown up together in the same apartment building, Hasumi and Souichirou are like brother and sister. But one day, Souichirou suddenly confesses to Hatsumi! They start going out, but their story is filled with the confusion of first love.

Story 2 – Rainy Day Children
Rumi is a very bored 3rd grade girl. What can one do when all it does is rain, rain, rain? The answer, of course, is to go outside, enjoy the rain–and just maybe, find an interesting new friend.

Story 3 – Love Machine
Natsuki has a crush on a boy a year younger than she is. She thinks she can find the courage to confess, if only he would see her as a girl instead of just his senpai.

Story 4 – The Sun Adventurers
Legend has it that beyond the two mountains in the west where the dark forests ended, there was a place that could make wishes come true… People called it: Sunlight. Tulip, a young female of the Persian tribe, has a very important wish…

Story 5 – Fly into the Blue Sky
A young girl learns to fly–but not too high.

Story 6 – Awful Boy
Miwa knew Takumi already had a girlfriend. He feels friendship for Miwa, while she feels the pain of unrequited love. But sometimes, the pain is worth it.

Mangaka : Kizuki Niwako (木月庭子).

Serialized in : Ribon (magazine).
Published by : Ribon Mascot Comics, Shueisha.

Total volume : 1.


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