Project – Shiranami no Illusion


Shiranami no Illusion (白波の幻想) – Whitewave Illusion


Story 1
Ryo is a boy who loves flirting with girls. One day, he met a beautiful girl named Touko by the beach, Ryo is soon deeply attracted to Touko, But because of an incident where her fiance died in a tragic accident, Touko locked up her own heart, How is Ryo going to help Touko leave her sadness and pain?

Mangaka : Obana Miho (小花美穂).

Serialized in : Ribon (magazine).
Published by : Ribon Mascot Comics, Shueisha.

Total volume : 1.


  1. Brooke says:

    Well, this was good, but it left me empty. Like it wasn’t quite good enough. But thank you very much for your hard work anyway. I appreciate the read even if it wasn’t my favorite. Lol, it was kind of funny how they said “un” though. From my understanding, that’s like a “yeah.”

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