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Hime100% – Super Girl


Hime wants answers. How could her father, an expert driver, die in a car accident caused by his own carelessness? What about the mysterious note he left behind? What exactly is going on? Hime intends to find out!

Mangaka : Akaishi Michiyo (赤石路代).

Published by : Flower Comics, Shogakukan.

Total volume : 4.

Synopsis : tetris no miko

Supergirl_v01_ch01_[ivyscan].zip – 9.0 MB
Supergirl_v01_ch02_[ivyscan].zip – 9.8 MB
Supergirl_v01_ch03_[ivyscan].zip – 8.4 MB
Supergirl_v01_ch04_[ivyscan].zip – 8.8 MB

Supergirl_v02_ch01_[ivyscan].zip – 8.4 MB
Supergirl_v02_ch02_[ivyscan].zip – 6.3 MB
Supergirl_v02_ch03_[ivyscan].zip – 6.8 MB
Supergirl_v02_ch04_[ivyscan].zip – 5.4 MB

Supergirl_v03_ch01_[ivyscan].zip – 4.6 MB
Supergirl_v03_ch02_[ivyscan].zip – 6.7 MB
Supergirl_v03_ch03_[ivyscan].zip – 4.8 MB
Supergirl_v03_sidestory_[ivyscan].zip – 5.6 MB

Supergirl_v04_ch01_[ivyscan].zip – 4.6 MB
Supergirl_v04_ch02_[ivyscan].zip – 4.8 MB
Supergirl_v04_ch03_[ivyscan].zip – 6.3 MB
Supergirl_v04_sidestory_[ivyscan] – 7.6 MB



  1. kujika says:

    It is one of the best manga I have ever read!
    By the way, I think Amakusa 1637 is also by the same mangaka, but I could be wrong (very veeery similar style). As I see the 4 volumes are nearly finished too. I cheer for the end 😉

  2. vvhime says:

    Yes, it’s by the same mangaka as Amakusa 1637. I like all of the mangaka’s works so in future I’ll try to make some of her works into project.

  3. raina says:

    Yeah… i want to re-read this manga for so long but I can’t find this in any rental anymore. Thanks to ivyscan I can read it now…
    C’mon hime-chan…! There’re lots of Michiyo Akaishi’s manga… ^^

  4. vvhime says:

    lol raina ^_^
    One by one. Now my target is Alpine rose ^^
    After that maybe Ten yori mo hoshi yori mo ^^
    Ahh Ten yori ending is unforgettable <3

  5. Fuuma_lady says:

    Yeah, I also love this mangaka (Michiyo-sensei) very much!!! Beside Supergirl and Amakusa, she has other mangas named PA and Shinema no teikoku, which are too damn wonderful! *.*

  6. vvhime says:

    @kai, I checked the link and it’s working fine.
    Maybe previously it reached the monthly bandwidth. But it’s working now. Or you can also download from irc or forum.

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