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My Sweet Dragon (マイスウェートドラゴン)


Chihaya, a 3rd year junior high student, is the only daughter of the priest who tends the small shrine dedicated to the Ryujin. One day, while cleaning the shrine, she finds a sleeping boy who is actually the transformed Ryujin. Fantastic love begins.

Mangaka : Sakaki Yuuka (榊ゆうか).

Serialized in : Za Margaret or “The Margaret” (magazine).
Published by : Margaret Comics, Shueisha.

Total volume : 7.


  1. kawaii-shorty says:

    i just read this series from the manga tea house!! it’s so kute!! XD please continue to scan and translate them!! i wanna see what happens!! XD

  2. Magemiko says:

    Ya i agree with kawaii-shorty, its a cute series and i’m just itchin to see what happens next, so please update soon!!!!

  3. Darkhorse says:

    I agree – with Kawaii and ‘Miko – anything with dragons as sweethearts is lovely and the first chapter kind of relates to an old budist tale about a dragon and a monk who were friends ^_^

  4. Cyberlina says:

    I dont go for the fantastic type normally but after reading the first chappie its definitely a promising story. Thank you!

  5. LillithGloria says:

    just read the first chapter and I must say loudly …” THIS IS SUPER KAWAII!!” I love such a tories so much! (^_^) folks, you are doing a great job by releasing this manga, many many thanks for your efforts! LOVE YOU ALL!

  6. rindtron says:

    This is a great manga! Really touching. My favourite story is chapter four but it leaves me wanting to know what happens to their relationship.

    Thanks for scanlating it. 🙂

  7. Azn_juliet says:

    I love this seires the art is newa nd beautiful! the story is original and fantasizing! i love it i cant wait to read more!!! please continue to work on this project!!! thanks for all the hard work!!

  8. Jason says:

    thanks for this, I enjoyed reading it … very unique and something really to look forward to . my sis is really crazy about it and wanted to buy the book too xD

  9. Sunaira says:

    i love this manga.. the story is great and the artwork is also good. thx for releasing it.. you guys are great. keep up the good job. *muah*

  10. tsukimori says:

    Hello Ivyscan,

    thank you fors the scans/translating this manga. Its great, i love it, will you continue to translating it, since there have not been any new release of this manga.



  11. Devil says:

    WOW, o___o!! It been @ least 2 years since I read this manga. :] Indeed, I like the manga. Thanks for the scanlation of this manga. b(^o^)

  12. Courtney says:

    This is one of my favorite mangas ever, and probably ties with Hana Yori Dango (which is my #1). Thank you so much for keeping up with this project!

  13. alexus495 says:

    i’ve finished reading the manga (up to v3 v9 that is). i hope you guys will continue scanlating the manga. thank you so much.

    more power,

  14. sawako!XD says:

    I have never read this mangaka’s project..but I am attracted whether the story or the draw~~~thx so much!!

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