Project – Yubikiri


Yubikiri (ユビキリ) – Pinky Promise


Story 1
Asako lives her life day-to-day– acutely aware of how lonely she is. That all starts to change when she meets Hongo, a boy who thought she was trying to commit suicide and tried to stop her. They form a bond and find how much fun life really is. Until Asako finds out about Hongo’s past.

Mangaka : Ashihara Hinako (芦原妃名子).

Serialized in : Betsucomi (magazine).
Published by : Flower Comics, Shogakukan.

Total volume : 1.


  1. miruki says:

    Yay for ivy finishing this project! I really love Ashihara Hinako’s work… (Sunadokei… *___*) would love to see more stuff from her! ^___~

  2. Laura says:

    thank you to trnslate this manga! I think that it’s very sweet!!
    grazie mille!
    un bacione da una ragazza italiana (a kiss from an italian girl!) 😉 Laura

  3. Breena says:

    I really liked this manga, is so sweet and somehow the 3 stories talk about big issues that most mangas don’t.

    LOVE IT.

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