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Yokohama Monogatari (ヨコハマ物語) ~ Yokohama Story


In 1875, after the death of her parents, Uno goes to live in the Kanou household as a companion to Mariko, who is the same age as Uno. The two girls become very close and attend Cimons private school.
This great romance tells the story of the loves and dreams of two girls growing up during the westernization of Japan in the Meiji era.

Mangaka : Yamato Waki (大和和紀).

Published by : Kodansha Manga Bunko, Kodansha.

Total volume : 4 (bunko version), 8 (tankoubon version).


  1. mitayashi says:

    aw! I really miss to read this books again. I actually have complete books but when my family moved to other city while i was away, they packed them in box and i dunno where they are now (all my books..). until today, there are some box which we never open again. I only found 1 book of Yokohama Monogatari. I think i red it first time about 15 years ago XD.

    So I’m happy with this releases. Please, please, please do the same to “Haikara-san ga touru”.
    ps: sorry for long comment… XD

  2. vvhime says:

    Well that’s pretty much same case as me. All my books were packed into box as well, since my parents moved to a new house. The last time I went back there, I saw that the box was located in very low bottom in rack that I won’t be able to take it out unless I move all things above it. >_< Haikara-san... hehe I'd love to. But one by one, OK.

  3. piyo says:

    Thank you so much for the releases of this manga ! ^0^
    Like this manga a lot, especially Waki Yamarto as the mangaka !! Thank Youuu

  4. Nami says:

    What a beautiful and refreshing manga. I adore it. Your work on it is excellent and I’m really happy that you picked it up in the first place. I hope you continue to release this wonderful shoujo.

  5. coppelia says:

    Thank you so very very much for doing this project. I really love this manga. I’ve been a fan of Waki Yamato since 11 years ago.

  6. cantiara says:

    Thank you so much for picking up this project! I love this Manga, it’s my all time favourite. I’m looking forward for the releases!

  7. myra_belle says:

    thx u very much for scanlating this classic manga. last time i read it just like when i was 7 (i’m 23 now!).
    i’ve lost all my classic manga collection and i missed this manga sooo much.. >

  8. Imelda says:

    HI Ivy,
    You do a great Job !!!
    I’ve looking this manga for years, and I found in your site. I really2 love Waki Yamato’s
    Thanx a lot

  9. trang says:

    thank you very much because you scanned this manga. This’s one of manga I like best. I hope you could scan the next chapter and last eposide of Yokohama Monogatari. Thanks

  10. nat says:

    THANK YOU!!! i still have the books back in my hometown =p n i do read it once in a while.. but it’s just great to have them portable in my compie ^_^v

  11. merri-chan says:

    Arigatou Gozaimasu….
    Waki Yamato’s story is always the BEST!

    I like it very much… if possible can u also pls scan Miss Modern as well ^^

  12. rhumball says:

    I read this manga about 15 yr ago. I am surprised to find that Ivyscan is taking on this project. This series is a MUST READ. I read this many times and still, I want to read it again. The storyline is just beautiful. It is about friendship, love, and fighting for your dream. Thank you so much for working on this project.

  13. T1 says:

    lovely manga, love it XD It’s great to see that we got 2 girls in love with the same guy without the pretty one hating the girl, she thinks of her own sister 😉 Yes, I like mariko more than uno…dun stone me. Mostly because she tries to hide her feelings and love Uno a lot with her unique where we usually see that kind of girls as bitches in mangas. Can’t wait to see how it develops….
    PS: one of the pages in chapter 9 in vol 1 is corrupt (think it’s 304)

  14. Lie Sari says:


  15. Megumi says:

    Thank you for your scanlation.. it was my first time reading this manga, and I’ve really fallen in love with it. Can’t wait to read volume 2!

  16. dsy says:

    I’m in a very nostalgic mood lately 😛
    so I’m searching for old mangas I used to have 😀
    Yokohama Monogatari is definitely one of my favorite of all time!
    thank you soooo much for the scanslation!
    hopefully u’ll continue it! 🙂

  17. windy says:

    please..please…please, i want to read this story until the end.
    i really love it!
    Especially romance between ryusuke and mariko!

  18. vvhime says:

    We use the bunko version that is twice thicker than normal tankoubon. Yokohama consists of 4 bunko volumes, and I intend to divide one bunko to 10 chapters. So you can count on yourself, how many chapters left.
    In normal tankobon version, the latest chapter is from volume 3.

  19. rie says:

    finally…after 13 years i can read this manga again, really love it…thank you for scanning…i hope this project will be continued until the end of the story 🙂

    • vvhime says:

      This manga is still on-going project in Ivyscan which means we’re still working on scanlating this manga till finish. So just wait patiently for it.

  20. Frederika says:

    I really love Yokohama monogatari…especially Ryusuke…looking forward to have complete scanlation…

    When it will be finished? hehehe

  21. Empress68 says:

    I love this Manga so much <3 Thanks for uploading?
    When will the next chapter come out?
    I would like to help, in maybe editing and cleaning the image

    I hope it wont take another year for the next chapter
    huhu :'(

  22. zerx says:

    hi, thank you for your releases
    btw, adfly account has suspended, so, can you reupload the download link please?
    thank you

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