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Alpine Rose (アルペンローゼ)


Seven years ago, Lundi found a little girl named Jeudi lying in a field of dandelions on the Alps. One day, they accidentally angered Count de Gourmont and so Jeudi was forced work as a maid in his castle. Lundi came to her rescue; however they nearly died when escaping. Set in the era of World War II, Lundi and Jeudi face many difficult situations as they search for the whereabouts of Jeudi’s parents.

Mangaka : Akaishi Michiyo (赤石路代).

Published by : Flower Comics Wide, Shogakukan.

Total volume : 4 (bunko version), 9 (tankoubon version).

Alpine_Rose_v01_ch01_[ivyscan].zip – 6.7 MB
Alpine_Rose_v01_ch02_[ivyscan].zip – 6.2 MB
Alpine_Rose_v01_ch03_[ivyscan].zip – 7.3 MB
Alpine_Rose_v01_ch04_[ivyscan].zip – 4.1 MB
Alpine_Rose_v01_ch05_[ivyscan].zip – 6.7 MB
Alpine_Rose_v01_ch06_[ivyscan].zip – 6.7 MB
Alpine_Rose_v01_ch07_[ivyscan].zip – 6.2 MB
Alpine_Rose_v01_ch08_[ivyscan].zip – 7.6 MB
Alpine_Rose_v01_ch09_[ivyscan].zip – 8.7 MB
Alpine_Rose_v01_ch10_[ivyscan].zip – 7.9 MB
Alpine_Rose_v02_ch11_[ivyscan].zip – 5.7 MB
Alpine_Rose_v02_ch12_[ivyscan].zip – 6.5 MB
Alpine_Rose_v02_ch13_[ivyscan].zip – 5.3 MB
Alpine_Rose_v02_ch14_[ivyscan].zip – 5.4 MB
Alpine_Rose_v02_ch15_[ivyscan].zip – 5.6 MB
Alpine_Rose_v02_ch16_[ivyscan].zip – 5.2 MB
Alpine_Rose_v02_ch17_[ivyscan].zip – 7.5 MB
Alpine_Rose_v02_ch18_[ivyscan].zip – 6.8 MB
Alpine_Rose_v02_ch19_[ivyscan].zip – 8.1 MB
Alpine_Rose_v02_ch20_[ivyscan].zip – 5.7 MB
Alpine_Rose_v03_ch21_[ivyscan].zip – 8.2 MB
Alpine_Rose_v03_ch22_[ivyscan].zip – 6.6 MB
Alpine_Rose_v03_ch23_[ivyscan].zip – 9.4 MB
Alpine_Rose_v03_ch24_[ivyscan].zip – 7.6 MB


  1. Vicky says:

    OMG…I’ve been looking for scanlation of this manga forever. Thank you…thank you so much. I can’t believe you are scanlating this manga. I love you guys. Thanks 🙂

  2. Melitot says:

    Oh my gosh! I’ve searched for this title for years! No one wanted to scanlate or to publish it… but now it’s here! Thank you so much

  3. Meiko says:

    u made my dream comes true ^______^
    thank u soooooooo much , I really wished that i can read this manga one day. Alpine rose finally in english and in direct download. I still can’t belive it. thanks milion times and waiting for the next chapters to be uploade it here in this great site.

  4. Laiba says:

    OMG! can’t believe u r doing this project!! the anime is so different from the manga !watched it when i was very very small .. luckily i have got all the vhs now!

  5. vanimea says:

    Wow! I hope this manga gets picked for the most releases in the near future. I love it!

    Thanks so much for bringing us all these great projects.

  6. purin says:

    It’s great to see a great scanlating group tackle Older manga series like Alpine Rose. I have alot of Older manga that are from around this time & older that I have always wanted to read & thanks to you all I probably will someday. Mahalo IVY for all your hard work that you do for us.

  7. changingsky says:

    Thank you so much for the latest chapters! I’m so excited to read them. The only other manga that I read by Akaishi Michiyo is really good too– it’s called P.A. But Alpen Rose holds a special place in my place as an anime that has stuck in my mind since childhood, with BEAUTIFUL music by Joe Hisaishi… I can’t believe I’m finally getting to read the manga– I’m not sure if they publish it anymore. Thank you so much for making it available to us, and also for keeping up with the chapters.
    Btw, does anybody know where to get the Alpen Rose anime?

  8. monia says:

    Thank you so much for Alpen Rose, I have been looking for this, and the anime too, on the web but couldn’t find anything till I found your project here….. ah, childhood memories (sigh!)…

  9. Arianna says:

    Oh!Can’t thank you enough for this lovely manga.I’ve been searching for it for ages! I searched for the anime itself,but unfortunately found only few episodes on emule.The episodes were dubbed in Italian without any English subs. Hope we can have all the episodes of this beautiful anime soon. Thank you very much again.

  10. vvhime says:

    changingsky, I’ve never watch the anime. But try your luck in Baka-update site maybe you can find an info. But as far as I know, there’s no fansub release for Alpine rose anime.

  11. may says:

    I first read this wonderful manga 15 years ago in Indonesian language. But never got a chance to own them. thx for scanlating! i’ll keep waiting for this scans from you ^_^

  12. hide says:

    damn… i really like this manga when i was in Indonesia… and i’ve been looking for the scanlation since i moved to overseas… thanks!

  13. changingsky says:

    Always thank you for these chapters. The plot is picking up and getting really exciting! The anime is so wonderful, but the manga is even more in depth. Thank you ivyscan!

  14. rainatmarly says:

    Thank you so much for translating this manga, it’s great to see older series get some attention, the art is lovely. Keep up the good work.


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