Project – Viehmannin wa Utau


Viehmannin wa Utau (フィーメンニンは謳う)


Rina is always busy studying and working to support herself. After the depressing news that she again lost first place in the school rankings to Julius, an expressionless guy who is her archrival, Rina finds Milch, a little fairy girl. Later, she meets Sylvie, a Fairyland knight who has come to rescue Milch.

Mangaka : Yamaguchi Miyuki (山口美由紀).

Published by : Hana to Yume Comics, Hakusensha.

Total volume : 5.

Joint project with WingtipCafe.

Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v01_ch01_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 7.2 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v01_ch02_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 3.9 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v01_ch03_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 3.9 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v01_ch04_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.0 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v01_ch05_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 3.7 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v01_ch06_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 3.9 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v01_ch07_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.9 MB

Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v02_ch08_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 5.3 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v02_ch09_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.5 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v02_ch10_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.2 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v02_ch11_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.8 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v02_ch12_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.4 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v02_ch13_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.4 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v02_ch14_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.5 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v02_ch15_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.3 MB

Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v03_ch16_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 8.2 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v03_ch17a_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 8.0 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v03_ch17b_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.9 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v03_ch17c_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.3 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v03_ch18_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.7 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v03_ch19_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.7 MB

Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v04_ch20_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 12.4 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v04_ch21_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.5 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v04_ch22_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 8.8 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v04_ch23_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 4.2 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v04_ch24_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 3.6 MB

Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v05_ch25_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 7.9 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v05_ch26_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 3.4 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v05_extra_story_part1_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe].zip – 8.2 MB
Viehmannin_wa_Utau_v05_extra_story_part2_[Ivyscan_&_WingtipCafe] – 9.3 MB



  1. Ylenia says:

    This manga is awesome, it has such cute drawings. I fell right away in love with it please keep working on it!
    Thank you

  2. Purin says:

    Just started reading this manga. Love it to bits. It’s cute. I can’t wait for the next chapter. Much Thanks for Sharing this with us all & Scanlating it.

  3. Ylenia says:

    Tere is a problem with chap 11, when I try to download it, it doesn’t let me open it with winzip…could you give it a look and see what is wrong please. Thank you for updating and sharing this manga I really like it a lot!

  4. vvhime says:

    Actually there’s nothing wrong with the link to ch11. Only the file is rar format. So people can’t use winzip to extract it.
    But I replaced the file with the zip format. So please download the file again.

  5. boolun says:

    u don’t know how to to thank u guys
    i’ve been dying to read this.
    I’ve read it since I was a little girl and I can’t find the book
    Thank You!!!

  6. MimiChan says:

    Incredible, I cannot believe I am only learning about Ivyscan right now. You guys have the best taste in manga. Plus you pick some rare ones that don’t seem likely to be licensed. Thank you for doing such awesome work. I have not read this manga but I have read some of Yamaguchi’s other works and they are good. Thank you.

  7. xkazemg says:

    I fell under Yamaguchi sensei’s spell after started reading her “Tujji Majji”…. I never got to finished reading Tujji Majji as the series I bought (as second hand) was not complete! Humph…. well, at least i get to see more of Sylvie here : )

    thank you so much for scanlating Yamaguchi’s stories… sensei’s stories are always adorable, giving me a great feeling after reading them : )

    Whisper: Just hope you guys would consider scanlating Tujji Majji at some point too… (sheepish….)

    • vvhime says:

      Well I have plan to scanlate all of yamaguchi miyuki’s works. But the plan will depend on the translator resources ^_^ Let’s just hope we can make it into realization.

  8. kelinci says:

    Hi, seems that the file for vol 2 chapter 13 was wrong.
    Download it and upon extract it turn out file was vol chapter 07. Can you please check and upload the correct version?
    Many thanks…. I am a big fan of Yamaguchi miyuki’s work

    • vvhime says:

      The file is correct, but I renamed the inside image file wrong. I will rename and upload it again. Thanks for letting me know.

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