Manga is a wonderful thing. And we’d like to share a small portion of this wonderful thing with other manga fans.
So come and help us do it, we’d really really appreciate your help.Below is a list of things that you can help us with. Email ivy_scan_2u(at)yahoo(dot)com if you’re interested in helping.

Japanese Translator To translate from Japanese to English.
We need at least 3 people, more is better. Currently need translator for some one-volume and series manga.
There are many other projects I have in mind, so please do contact vvhime if you’re interested to help.
Indonesian Translator To translate from Indonesian to English.
We need 2 people.
Chinese Translator To translate from Chinese to English.
We need at least 1 people.
Editor To edit raw scan manga.
Familiar with Adobe Photoshop and able to work with any and all of our projects.
We need 2 people.
The test is here
Scanner Provide raw scanned manga.
Proofreader You need to read the whole translation script together with the RAW scans, then check whether the sentence is appropriate, the grammar is right, or other things that you find misplaced in the script.
Of course the requirement is fluent in English. You have to be very picky so that the result script will flow smoothly.
We need 1 people.
The test is here
Cross-checker Cross-checker work is closely related to translating. But it’s not translating and not proofreading.
The work is basically checking the finished script with the Japanese raw scans. So of course you need to know Japanese. Mostly checking the name consistency, how they call each other, location mention in the story, historical consistency.
We need 2 people.

Joint project can be discussed.