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Golden Days (ゴールデン.デイズ)


Feeling rebellious toward his overprotective mother, Soma Mitsuya, a first-year high school student, only cares about his violin and his hospitalized grandfather. On the night his grandfather’s condition suddenly worsens, an earthquake hits, sending Mitsuya to 1921 in the Taisho era…

Mangaka : Takao Shigeru (高尾滋).

Serialized in : Hana to Yume (magazine).
Published by : Hana to Yume Comics, Hakusensha.

Total volume : 8.

Golden_Days_v01_ch01_[ivyscan] – 9.6 MB
Golden_Days_v01_ch02_[ivyscan] – 5.9 MB
Golden_Days_v01_ch03_[ivyscan].zip – 5.3 MB
Golden_Days_v01_ch04_[ivyscan].zip – 6.0 MB
Golden_Days_v01_ch05_[ivyscan].zip – 5.6 MB

Golden_Days_v02_ch06_[ivyscan].zip – 6.5 MB
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Golden_Days_v02_ch08_[ivyscan].zip – 6.3 MB
Golden_Days_v02_ch09_[ivyscan].zip – 5.0 MB
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Golden_Days_v02_ch11_[ivyscan].zip – 4.8 MB

Golden_Days_v03_ch12_[ivyscan].zip – 5.5 MB
Golden_Days_v03_ch13_[ivyscan].zip – 5.1 MB
Golden_Days_v03_ch14_[ivyscan].zip – 4.7 MB
Golden_Days_v03_ch15_[ivyscan].zip – 5.3 MB
Golden_Days_v03_ch16_[ivyscan].zip – 5.2 MB
Golden_Days_v03_ch17_[ivyscan].zip – 5.4 MB

Golden_Days_v04_ch18_[ivyscan].zip – 5.8 MB
Golden_Days_v04_ch19_[ivyscan].zip – 5.0 MB
Golden_Days_v04_ch20_[ivyscan].zip – 6.1 MB
Golden_Days_v04_ch21_[ivyscan].zip – 6.2 MB
Golden_Days_v04_ch22_[ivyscan].zip – 6.9 MB
Golden_Days_v04_ch23_[ivyscan].zip – 7.0 MB

Golden_Days_v05_ch24_[ivyscan].zip – 7.4 MB
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Golden_Days_v05_ch26_[ivyscan].zip – 6.3 MB
Golden_Days_v05_ch27_[ivyscan].zip – 6.9 MB
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  1. Kalendel says:

    Wahoo!! This manga is totally awesome =D All the shounen-ai teases just make it so yummy! Not to mention the amazingly angsty plot. I’ve read v1-4 and can’t wait to get my hands on v5… I’m so glad someone’s scanslating it! (And now I won’t have to scanslate it myself, the lazy bum I am.) Everyone, read this series! It’s flatly amazing!

  2. aninsomniac says:

    Seriously? Is it really slashy? I am going to read it anyway, as I am enticed by the cover art, but if it has s-ai hints, that would make it even more appealing!

  3. dee says:

    OMG thank you so much for scanlating this! it’s one of my fav series! I have all 4 books :3 Like you, I can’t wait for v5. I wish Shigeru Takao had an artbook! I love the soft color covers! I love the characters + plot for this series 😀 I am very happy + grateful for you guys for SPREADING THE LOOVE

  4. lori says:

    Haha fluffy, it’s bark is worse than it’s bite. I promise there’s nothing to cause your parents to burn down your computer 🙂 Well… at least not in the first 4 volumes anyway!

  5. Eeled says:

    I absolutely love this manga! Sadly, I can’t read japanese T_T so i can’t get access to the latest chapter D: I hope the chinese version will be out soon! They gotta be faster! Thank you soooo much for scanlating this!

  6. Telsa says:

    Thank you so much for scanlating this! I have been wanting to read this for a while but have been unable to find translations or raws. Thank you so much for this! ^_^

  7. BT says:

    Wow! That was absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for scanlating this, I hope you guys do more of this manga soon. The story and the art are really awesome. Thank you!

  8. quark22 says:

    Wow! This manga is beautiful. Original story, gorgeous art and lots of shounen-ai hints. I’m totally hooked after just 3 chapters. Thank you ivyscan!!! I’m looking forward to more releases! (¿Soon?)

  9. LittleBloo says:

    Yes, but they’ve stop because it is now being published states side, and have discontinued it. Downloads are hard to find as well. =/

  10. sekitx2 says:

    So very glad to find someone translating this wonderful series!! Have all the volumes but with limited Japanese, I’m missing out on a GREAT deal of the story (more the incentive to learn more JP faster). Thank-you!!!

  11. ecLipse says:

    I love this series!!!! I recommend it to everyone out there who loves to read Takao Shigeru’s work..!!! (this might be her best work yet!!!)

    Thank YOU ivyscans for scanning this series!!!!

    ^^ cant wait for more updates

  12. pitchan says:

    I hope you guys will scanlate next chapter soon. I fell in love with this series, and can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds! Please release this series soon ^^;

  13. raenef says:

    A good manga. I look forward to future releases of Golden Days. I love time traveling… Keep up the good work everyone and thank your for your hard work.

  14. shizuka says:

    Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!! ^_^
    I love this manga and mangaka, her art-style!
    It`s so soft…and beautiful. And there are shonen-ai-lovely-dovely-parts!!!!
    Can`t wait for next chapters! Really good work!!!

  15. ipod says:

    Love this series (from what I’ve read of it so far). The art’s so pretty too.. Thanks a bunch for picking it up, ivyscan 😀 HOORAY!

  16. ecLipse says:

    Yay chapter 6 !!! Thank you soooo MUCH for the release !!

    I LOVE this series ^__^ … its addictive ahahahaha

    More power to yah o/

  17. Rap says:

    thank you for taking the time to scanlate this manga!! your hard work and dedication has not gone to waste, it is much appreciated! THANK YOU! looking forward to more releases!!!

  18. merlinfan says:

    Just because Kalendel was the first to comment on this manga I seriously suggest you guys team up with SiH! YAY! If you need a hand to..beg them I’ll volunteer! XD
    Thank you for new chap! I thought I had tears in my eyes when I saw it ;_;

  19. vvhime says:

    Well SiH has a rule that they won’t do joint with a group who do licensed work. Moreover we can still pretty much handle it ourselves, though it may be slower.
    But thanks for the suggestion.

  20. shi_en_ta says:

    hiii… i already read till vol 4 since this manga already published in my country… i love this manga.. a slash one off course 😀

  21. Meo says:

    Please keep up the good work. I really love this Manga and since I can´t read japanese or chinese I´m really looking forward to the translation^^thanks

  22. luvjinjin says:

    Thank you very much for scanlated ch 13 and 14, I really like this manga and appeciated your hard work to release them.

  23. flow-er-n says:

    I’ve already finished read this manga in my country. the story really nice, very touching. my recommended manga!!!

  24. Creambee says:

    PLEASE ADD MORE CHAPTERS! I am patiently waiting to read the rest of this manga so please continue to work on it 😀 I love it so much!!

  25. andiegurl1795 says:

    Please continue translating this manga… I’m really patiently waiting for its completion… Thank you so much

  26. Kit says:

    Totally in love with this manga 😡 It’s just too cute XD Thanks a lot for your hard work and sharing the love 😡

  27. Jennifer says:

    This ranks among the most beautiful things I have ever read, manga or otherwise.
    It makes me sad that it’s been almost 300 days since the last update.

  28. KT says:

    Yay! I bought this entire series two years (?) ago and have struggled to “read” it over and over. I’m so glad someone is picking it up so I can understand some of the more important details a little better.

    Thank you so much for putting this up for us (me!) :3

  29. Mierten says:

    Getting a comment like Kalendel’s at the beginning is a wonderfule endorsement of this series.
    Ivyscan, like Storm in Heaven, chooses such nice projects. The only decision about reading their series is whether to read a chapter at a time or wait for a whole volume.
    With the Teru Teru x Shounen series mentioned earlier, it was a CMX publication. They shut their manga division down so that series, like several others, are left hanging with outstanding volumes yet to be done.
    Who knows, perhaps some group will decide their focus is to finish the series that CMX started.

  30. fenrir says:

    Hey guys i can help with this title translation (i have indonesian official release of this manga, all of it)
    and also i can typeset a bit =)

    i’ll take any test you give =D

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