Golden Days v3 ch16

Happy New Year!! (^_^)
What’s your resolution this year? Related to Ivyscan, I want to complete as many projects as I can this year.
Then our first release this year 2011 is Golden days, yay!!

If you think you can help in translating and editing (should pass the test first), contact me.

Momoko Manual ch5

Yatta (^_^)/
We finish Momoko Manual. I’m so happy to move another project to the complete list.
Well enjoy Momoko manual. It’s a nice read during this holiday season (though I don’t have holiday T_T)

If you want to collect the Momoko Manual raw scans, you can download it here.

Meguru Kakuutei

I put this manga into our future projects for a while. Unfortunately it was licensed before we release it even once. So I decided to drop this project.

But you can download the raw scans in this site.
The scripts we have so far, can be downloaded below:

Yokohama Monogatari v2 ch15

Today’s release is for all Yamato waki fans. Enjoy.
My favorite phrases:
Ryusuke: If anything happens to her, I’m going to kill you!

Wow, imagine someone who is willing to do that for me ^_^

Anyway, we will scanlate Haikara-san ga tooru in near future. But we really need cross-checker who will check consistency of the translated script with the Japanese scans. So that person should have knowledge on Japanese.