Ivyscan 6th Anniversary

Today we celebrate our 6th anniversary ^_^/
Wow… we’re already in scanlation world for 6 years.

All that I can say is thank you so much for all of Ivyscan members. You really help me in many ways. m(_ _)m
And I’d like to express gratitude to have many understanding readers that patiently wait for our project releases.

We don’t have too many things to be released this anni, but we hope you can enjoy what we’ve done.

Day 1
Golden days v3 ch13 [link]
Happy birthday kuu-chan ^_^v

Day 2
Alpine Rose v2 ch11 [link]

Day 3
Kimi ni shika Kikoenai ch4 [link]

Day 4
Kimi ni shika Kikoenai ch0 [link]
This is the last chapter from Kimi ni shika kikoenai. The chapter name is 0 because it’s supposed to be happened before chapter 1.

Day 5
Golden days v3 ch14 [link]
Well… another Golden days chapter ^_^v

Day 6
Yokohama Monogatari v2 ch13 [link]
I was so busy yesterday that I don’t have time to release this.

Day 7 – last day
Momokan v1 ch1 part5-6 [link]
We closed this year anniversary with a chapter from Momokan. As I updated this post, I saw that this site has 1200 total comments. Wow!! Thanks for all your comments, they can encourage us to do better in scanlating.

Golden Days v3 ch12

A new chapter from Golden days volume 3 with the appearance of someone who knows Mitsuya. I’m sure many people will be delighted with this release ^_^

Have you ever heard about a new site, Inside Scanlation? That site introduces us with anything related to scanlation, from history to interview. I suggest you to bookmark that site for your reference about scanlation.

And last, we need proofreader.

Golden Days v2 ch11

Te-he… I bet many people don’t expect the next chapter will come this soon ^_^
I’m sure many Golden days fangirls will be delighted with this chapter, though at the end we found about Yoshimitsu’s feeling.

We got new proofreaders, but now we need editor. So anyone who have free time and is willing to help in editing, please contact me.

Last, Eid Mubarak for all people who celebrate ^_^v
Did you all enjoy the food, hmm yummy.

Golden Days v2 ch9

I think some people have been waiting for the continuation of this series. So here comes the next chapter ^_^
The “I refuse” scene is so hilarious ^o^
Wow, Jin can’t even tie his own shoes…

We still need proofreader!
Also Japanese translator for Golden days is welcomed.

Golden Days v2 ch8

We didn’t take too long to release another chapter of Golden days. Haha this is an accomplishment.
Anyway we really need translating help for Golden days manga. We’d like to move faster with this manga right? So anyone who is willing to help us, contact vvhime.

For direct download, all files hosted at honey-blossom is finally working again. Thanks emily ^_^