Gosick v1 ch3

The last part from volume 1. Volume 2 is in translating process. boufuu, ganbare! LOL ^o^

I think now you’ll see that we don’t drop any project. Unless we said so, then all ongoing projects are still on-going to completing the project ^_^
Proofreading help may help us to be faster.

Gosick v1 ch1

We released this manga yesterday, so this is a kinda late news.
The funny thing, I thought this manga is a shoujo, but it’s actually a shounen manga. ^_^;; And I didn’t realize that we already had 3 other shounen project releases. ^_^;;;;; How clueless of me…

Oh anyway, this Gosick manga is a joint with FATE, so please thank them as well. Gosick was originally a novel by Sakuraba Kazuki. The novel was published in English. I bought the first volume, but still hasn’t had chance to read it ^^;