Happy talk ch1&2 2nd version

Actually there’s only small change regarding character name but we decided to release the 2nd version. So if you don’t want to get confused reading the next chapter, please download the 2nd version.

Another news, one of our staff retired from being Ivyscan proofreader. I’d like to say “Thank you so much shanz, for all that you’ve done”. m(_ _)m
Because of that, we need one more proofreader. So if you think you have free time, good English, know punctuation usage, able to reword the sentence; please do try the proofreader test.
Follow the instruction inside that file.

Happy Talk vol1 ch2

Here’s the next chapter from our joint with DokoDemoDoa group, Happy Talk. A classic story, but very cute.

Any translator help will always be accepted ^_^v

Happy Talk v1 ch1

A new project for release today. It’s Happy Talk by Okano Fumika. Though It’s classic, the art is appropriate to the London’s setting. If you want to read something cute, enjoyable character with comedy, try this manga. Moreover it’s a 3 volume manga so I hope it won’t take too long to finish.
Oh we do this project as a joint with Doko Demo Doa group. They’re still quite new but they’ve released many unique projects at steady pace. And hopefully we will also scanlate Natural by Narita minako with them.