Lady Mitsuko ch3

We completed one series with the release of Lady Mitsuko ch3.
In this chapter, you’ll see how Mitsuko has to raise her children alone without her husband.

Important note: we really need good and dedicated proofreader. Many projects will progress faster with more proofreader to help us.

Lady Mitsuko ch2

Sorry for lack of releases from us. Despite being slow, every projects are still on-going. Also another reason that we’re slow, we really need proofreader. So if you have a sense to correct grammar, punctuation and rewording when you read manga, I think you’re suited for this job.

Well we release one of our classic project joint with Barcarolle, Lady Mitsuko chapter 2. One more chapter left till we complete this project.

Lady Mitsuko ch1 version 2

I and Stage-storm decided to release the 2nd version. Actually the changes is only involve name changing from Heinrichs to Heinrich. Since this manga was taken from real people history, we try to make it stay true to the original.
Really sorry for the correction.

Lady Mitsuko ch1

We released a new project today. It’s a one volume and only consists of 3 chapters, so it’s not too long. The mangaka was Yamato waki, who is also the creator of one of our project, Yokohama Monogatari. So if you like Yamato waki’s work, you should take a look on this manga.

And we still need editor!