Yokohama Monogatari v3 ch22

It’s the next chapter from Yokohama Monogatari, a Yamato Waki’s work. If you like classic manga, you surely have to check this out.

Actually this January was the 12th Ivyscan birthday. But I couldn’t prepare many releases since I was suddenly got so many deadlines for my real life work.

Anyway, we really need typesetter. We can pretty much handle cleaning the manga, but typesetting requires lots of works and times. So we really need help. Please let me know if you think you have a little bit Photoshop skill to do typesetting.

Yokohama Monogatari v2 ch15

Today’s release is for all Yamato waki fans. Enjoy.
My favorite phrases:
Ryusuke: If anything happens to her, I’m going to kill you!

Wow, imagine someone who is willing to do that for me ^_^

Anyway, we will scanlate Haikara-san ga tooru in near future. But we really need cross-checker who will check consistency of the translated script with the Japanese scans. So that person should have knowledge on Japanese.

Ivyscan 6th Anniversary

Today we celebrate our 6th anniversary ^_^/
Wow… we’re already in scanlation world for 6 years.

All that I can say is thank you so much for all of Ivyscan members. You really help me in many ways. m(_ _)m
And I’d like to express gratitude to have many understanding readers that patiently wait for our project releases.

We don’t have too many things to be released this anni, but we hope you can enjoy what we’ve done.

Day 1
Golden days v3 ch13 [link]
Happy birthday kuu-chan ^_^v

Day 2
Alpine Rose v2 ch11 [link]

Day 3
Kimi ni shika Kikoenai ch4 [link]

Day 4
Kimi ni shika Kikoenai ch0 [link]
This is the last chapter from Kimi ni shika kikoenai. The chapter name is 0 because it’s supposed to be happened before chapter 1.

Day 5
Golden days v3 ch14 [link]
Well… another Golden days chapter ^_^v

Day 6
Yokohama Monogatari v2 ch13 [link]
I was so busy yesterday that I don’t have time to release this.

Day 7 – last day
Momokan v1 ch1 part5-6 [link]
We closed this year anniversary with a chapter from Momokan. As I updated this post, I saw that this site has 1200 total comments. Wow!! Thanks for all your comments, they can encourage us to do better in scanlating.