Tobenai Majo v2 ch5

It was months since the previous chapter releases.
Many things happened that I had to put this project into lesser priority. We’ve recently got some new members (translator, editor n proofreader) so I’m going to put this project into high priority since we have all volumes translated.
Well enjoy today’s release, a chapter from Tobenai majo.
I really like the scene when Lise has dirty mind imagining going to Onsen with Karin. ^o^


  1. sienna says:

    thank you thank you thank you! for returning to Tobenai Majo. I miss the witches! ;.; I’m so glad you’re making it a high priority! Can’t wait to read and finish this series!

  2. ryuu-chan says:

    thanks for chapter 5!!! i have been anticipating what’s gonna happen next for a long time XD

    b-but the dl link isn’t working for me 😐

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